Life Coaching with Elena


Come say Yes to your life....

Do you feel that there's a higher calling inside of you? Is there a yearning for something more? Or, do you feel stuck in your life? Are you bored with your routine or lack of routine? Have you found yourself in the midst of a lifestyle that's no longer serving you? Do you keep yearning for change, but find it hard to implement? Or, do you feel that you have reached a certain point of success that you thought would make you happy, and now you find yourself still hungry for something else?

Well,  life coaching can help you get in touch with your values, find your inner authority, and move forward towards the life of your dreams. I can help support you on your journey, as you move your life forward. I focus on working with women who feel stuck, down or stagnant in their lives.  And, I specialize in bringing the inner critic to consciousness so that we can bring awareness to its messages and have choice, rather than staying trapped listening to it our whole lives. I also enjoy working with feelings and taking people to places where they may be afraid to go alone. 



Elena quickly and effectively helped me move past an obstacle that Iā€™ve been dealing with for years.Ā  I feel a renewed sense of inspiration in my life, and I will forever be grateful for this new perspective she helped me arrive at.
— Liz C.
Working with Elena has helped me to complete a course I knew would change the direction of my life and I am now working towards the goals she has encourage me to set for myself. This would not have been accomplished had it not been for her caring manner of coaching and her ability to make me believe in myself and the gifts I have been given.
— Heidi Z.