It all started when, I realized that knowledge is power...

I've always been a life long seeker.  I like learning about new stuff.  When I young, I thought that the key to happiness was having a successful well-paying career.  And for some people, that may bring happiness.  But, what I found in my mid-20s was that happiness was actually a deeper inquiry and that while we can't always be happy all the time, as they say in the positive psychology movement, we can learn to be happier.  That's what my life purpose is about now, and I use the tools of yoga, meditation, and life coaching to help inspire others to find their own inner resources.  One of the biggest lessons that I've come to realize is that we all often have a huge inner critic that may telling use that we are a failure, loser or a "good for nothing" and that's what's important in life is that we face that voice and still move forward.